“I have found Daniel to be extremely intuitive and he understands the essence of an issue which has been extremely validating, especially when dealing with frustrating situations that are difficult to put into words.

More than anything, he has paved the way for better communication with myself, to be a supportive voice to myself, to become aware of the disagreements within myself and to allow the highest part of myself to be in charge of the mental disorganization that had occurred for my entire life when dealing with stressful issues.

I have learned to disentangle myself from aspects of my life that have been contributing to my dysfunctional cycles and have been sucking my energy and I found the courage to create healthy and firm boundaries with others, as a result.

Eventually I realized that all of the things that I’ve wanted out of life were always possible. I realized that I was the one in the way of them. Suddenly, things that I’ve struggled with for decades became easy and obvious – finances, food intake, demonizing others, going after goals, being stuck in a cycle of fantasizing about wished-for circumstances. All of those things seemed held on by a common thread that Daniel helped to identify and disentangle from my own counter-productive behaviors.

Yet all of these things seem to have become understood without directly talking about them, necessarily. There seemed to be a way in which he allowed for me to discover these things on my own, by being able to very specifically identify the problem that was at the core, when life would present issues to work-out. Daniel helped me to help myself by seeing things that I could not see and encouraged me to start paying attention to the assistance I was receiving from prayer (inside) or the universe (outside), but was just not recognizing.

I am most grateful for our work and know that it will allow for me to continue to evolve and become stronger than ever seemed possible. I honestly feel that I am well on my way to wholeness of mind, of body and of spirit. Working with Daniel has truly changed my life”. TB, NYC

“Just like a light bulb gets connected with the electrical power supply Daniel helping me consider how to be “connected” had immediate results.” CB, London, UK

“I started speaking to Daniel about two years back and its been an adventurous healing journey ever since. I used to be in a black hole, far far removed from feelings of love, joy, connection, hope and contentment. Life now feels transformed; there is a strong sense of purpose to each day and there has been a miraculous discovery of inner strength to do things which were once considered impossible.

There continues to be healing of childhood trauma which had been entirely forgotten. Daniel has very skilfully helped me navigate through overwhelming emotions of depression, anxiety, confusion, guilt, shame and anger. I have experienced love and acceptance for myself for the first time ever! There is also a renewed experience of Divinity and Love and every aspect of life is now spiritual. He has integrated all areas of my life – work, relationships, family, health, – into a course for spiritual evolution. My health is much improved, and there is finally a ray of hope in my professional life.

Daniel is always able to locate in me willingness to say yes to progress and leave unhealthy habits behind. He has a subtle yet extremely powerful way of working with my resistances. He is a perfect combination of a spiritual mentor, a skilled psychotherapist and an extremely loving friend. He has treated me with a lot of compassion, kindness, patience and sincerity. I am forever grateful for his presence in my life.” CF, Scottsdale, AZ

“Daniel Harner is an amazing Psychotherapist. He has the uncanny ability to nail my core problems in just a few sentences, then guide me deeper and deeper to the root problems by perfect questioning and observations of what I say when we talk. I get the feeling that nothing is hidden from him, but he Loves me so much I tell him what I’m holding on to anyway. In the few sessions I’ve had with Daniel he has helped me do very deep Inner Child Work thereby letting me look at some of the hardest childhood memories with a different perspective, alleviating much guilt, shame and fear from my life.” MK, Sedona, AZ

“Daniel is one of the few people I am fortunate enough to know whose advice and support crosses the thresholds and carries weight across all of the professional, personal, and experiential simultaneously. He is uniquely positioned by having seemed to develop a personal calling into a life of both experiential wisdom and professional capability, and this reveals a style of guidance which has proven to be a fundamental asset to myself in my own development. It can truly be said that I feel closest to my own inner most potential and calling during our conversations. Both this and our relationship excite me tremendously, and for not enough can be said of his strength, service and support.” SL, London, UK