Spiritual counseling is a form of counseling that facilitates progression and overall support for a person on their spiritual journey. In a nutshell it helps a person evolve spiritually through counseling and various forms of therapy the spiritual counselor is trained in.

In this way, it means most often that it helps a person to experience ever deeper layers of Love and overall become more loving, because on some level spirituality and Love are one and the same.

On a more broader context, spiritual counseling focuses on any blocks a person may have to deepen their spirituality. It also entails helping them with their spiritual life and practices and their unique way of connecting to the Divine.

At the Health and Healing Clinic this means that we are utilizing the most effective therapy forms and treatment approaches as well as spiritual approaches to facilitate inner spiritual transformation into what the clients definition of spirituality, which is most often, Love, Peace, Harmony and connection and oneness with the Divine.

In addition to  helping a person to develop and grow spiritually it also includes applying this spirituality towards all aspects of their lives and perceived problems.

It is further utilizing spirituality for Health and Healing of the whole person. The Health and Healing Clinic specializes in InterSpiritual Counseling as well as aspects of Healing through Love™ among other therapies and spiritual practices in its spiritual counseling sessions.

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InterSpiritual Counseling

Healing through Love applied towards spiritual progress and spiritual counseling

Utilizing Consciousness based Healthcare and Kinesiology towards spiritual counseling

Consciousness Based Healthcare and Kinesiology has a unique offering to the spiritual seeker that has never before been available. Throughout history the spiritual journey has been characterized with many obstacles and struggles. Sometimes the blocks to overcome are seemingly impossible and may take a whole lifetime to even uncover. In those days one was asked to “pray ceasesly” or “raddle the gates of Heaven” but the limitation of this was that one did not even know what door it would be best to raddle. With Kinesiology we have now a means to uncover exactly what the blocks to further spiritual progress are and through the tools of Consciousness Based Healthcare we also have a means to resolve them.

The Spiritual Path does not move along a prescribed route that is a one size fits all.
Therefore, the most effective means of further spiritual progress is through the use of Kinesiology and especially Consciousness Based Healthcare systems that are able to identify and resolve the exact blocks that one is up against. Those beliefs, emotions and positions one is holding about life whether personal or cultural are very difficult to transcend without a valid means of uncovering them. Furthermore, for the first time in human history we are given a tool for the spiritual seeker to shortcircuit many lifetimes of suffering and struggelling, by simply being able to discern Truth

” Realize that we are already perfect with nothing to gain or achieve – an expression of Love itself.”


I just had another nerve induction test.  It was the same test I had in January that diagnosed the slow, very slow electrical nerve impulses down my arms and carpal tunnel syndrome. The technician said she wanted to go see the doctor about the results.  He came in and was astounded and then pulled up the stats from the January test. Are you ready?  Left severe carpal  tunnel is completely gone. Yes, completely gone.  The right moderate carpal tunnel is down to  minor. Yes, down to minor.  The tremor is almost indistinguishable. In fact, I was able to fill out the required intake form by printing it myself.  In January, I could not control a pen well enough  to print legibly and had to fill it out online.  For me, that was a huge marker!  Tangible, real life  experiential evidence of the effectiveness your work.
I have been a patient of Jakobs’ for years. Through his treatments I have healed areas in my life I did not know needed work. There were issues I had carried around with me through lifetimes. What a relief to be able to let go off all that baggage! Jakob is highly skilled in BodyTalk, and extremely accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. He has treated me with honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion every single time, and his intention has always been to help heal me. I always look forward to my sessions with Jakob
Jakob has helped me tremendously over the past year or so I have been seeing him, either for Body Talk or spiritual counseling, or a combination of both. I have come to him with various physical conditions, emotional problems, and also when I felt I needed a spiritual “tune-up”. I immediately feel lighter and freer after the sessions. He helps me see my situations entirely differently. My physical ailments also have diminished and I feel more in balance. Real changes have been made in my life when I follow his simple yet very powerfulsuggestions. Jakob is a skilled practitioner of Body Talk and a Minister, as well as a very devoted spiritual student. Most importantly for me is the healing, loving energy that comes through him. That is what I see him for, that is what heals me. He has a unique blend of humor and deep caring and compassion that is priceless!
Don't think I can put into words how valuable Daniel is to me as a therapist, healer and life coach. Rare opportunity to work with someone of this caliber. Working with him is to be understood and then guided with a gentle hand to greater balance and wholeness. Don't waste any more of your precious time trying to figure it out yourself. Get the help you deserve and let Daniel help you make the lasting and permanent changes that you want in your life."
Daniel Harner is an amazing Psychotherapist. He has the uncanny ability to nail my core problems in just a few sentences, then guide me deeper and deeper to the root problems by perfect questioning and observations of what I say when we talk. I get the feeling that nothing is hidden from him, but he Loves me so much I tell him what I'm holding on to anyway. In the few sessions I've had with Daniel he has helped me do very deep Inner Child Work thereby letting me look at some of the hardest childhood memories with a different perspective, alleviating much guilt, shame and fear from my life.