When I was in seminary at One Spirit Interfaith seminary, I was told Swami Satchidananda’s words that “Path are many, but Truth is one.”

In ISC (Inter-Spiritual Counseling) over the last two years, I learned now that there are not only many paths but as many as we are.

Jean Paul Cusade said that “The Holy Spirit wrote a sacred scripture called the Bible and writes now a sacred scripture called your life.”

When I called the first time my Supervisor Joyce Liechenstein, I introduced myself and said that I am calling for the Supervision. There was a long pause, and then I asked, “How does that Supervision work?” She replied: “Anyway you like.”

No more needed to be said, God’s way home is what unfolds in every moment.

This is the art of spiritual counseling, this deep Surrender to each moment as one’s own and unique spiritual pathway back to union with God. This surrender or dying to each moment allowing the Divine Radiance to take its course.

The invitation thereby then is to realize all of life, including oneself as perfect, completely lovable expression of Divine light and radiance. A gift of Grace independent of any circumstances.

We sometimes tend to believe that when the circumstances were different when we were living in less uncertain times, somewhere on a holy mountain, in a temple or a monastery we could be truly spiritual.

Looking back beyond the last election, looking further back beyond 9/11, a cold war, two world wars we find the crucifixion of the Son of God…
…throughout the centuries over and over again, teaching us that life as it is, is our teacher.

The gift of ISC for me has been that there are no better times or worse times and neither shall there ever be as each life exactly the way it is, is the invitation from God to realize one’s true Self.

Divinity is available in every moment, and we are invited to this Living Spirituality in every moment. We are invited to BE the Light, this mysterious illumination that is only Love as what we are.

This unconditional spirituality and dying to every moment is what allows to experience God in everything, everyone and is the invitation of spiritual counseling.