Rev Jakob Merchant is a ordained Interfaith minister and certified Bodytalk Practitioner

Healthcare was a central Theme in Jacobs’ early years where he witnessed the compassionate care from his Father as Doctor as well as his mom as a nurse. He realized the paradigm limitation of Cartesian type medicine and philosophy very early in age as well. This should set the context for his further explorations.

In his early teenage years he studied deeply Philosophy, Psychology and Theology. This lead to many life experiences including becoming a Yoga teacher,  studying Psychology and Biolody at University of Salzburg,Utah state University and Excelsior College, as well as in depth practice in Dr. David R. Hawkins work of Devotional Nonduality

During this time many deep and transformative experiences lead him to become a Interfaith minister. As Interfaith minister he further deepened his knowledge and reverence to all of the world religions as well as their contribution to Healing and happiness. Most importantly he learned in that time period that true healing needs to be addressed on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The relief of suffering in all its forms always stood as central focus of Jakob’s life and he realized that true healing needs to be a permanent experience. Consciousness based Healthcare in his experience is designed to support the Self-healing of physical, mental and spiritual issues we are facing today and therefore a permanent experience of love, peace and happiness can take its place.

Today Jakob treats people on any kind of ailments from physical diseases to psychological, emotional and spiritual issues. Many of his clients describe his treatment as life changing and transformative. This is because of Jakob’s commitment to love and compassion as context for all of his sessions, so that all of his clients may remember that each person is already perfect, whole and complete – an expression of love itself.


Rev. Jakob Merchant offers the following modalities at the Health and Healing Clinic

– Consciousness Based Healthcare
– Parama Bodytalk
– Spiritual Counseling

 General Education History:


What kind of Training

One Spirit Learning Alliance Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister
International Bodytalk Association Certified Bodytalk Practitioner
Penn Foster College Professional Bridal Consultant
The Maedows Sexual Compulsivity Clinical Training
Kripalu Yoga Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training
Utah State University Graduate Work
University of Salzburg Major in Psychology
Yoga Zentrum Passau Yoga Instructor
Paul McKenna & Richard Bandler NLP (= Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner
Kutschera Communication NLP Training