Surrender to Love Healing Online Course Intensive (8 week course)

Posted on November 9, 2015


The Surrender to Infinite Love Healing intensive is a 2 month online course to transform deeply into Surrendering and dissolving into Infinite Love. The course aims to make this Surrendering to Infinite Love a unconditional habit in every moment of our lives.

Because “Love and Lovingness is the greatest Healer” (Dr. David R. Hawkins) the ever deeper experience of Love in every aspect of one’s life and even beyond that facilitates Healing and recovery.

What it entails:
– Daily lessons (meditation, contemplation, reflections)
– Weekly guided meditation (practiced daily in addition to daily lessons)
– Weekly Parama Bodytalk session (Listened to daily, several times a week)
– Heart Partner: Person that one stays in daily contact with to support the transformation of Surrendering to Love through sharing, prayer etc.
– Forum: Daily and weekly posts to connect to the group
– Other information’s like pertinent links, articles etc.
– Facilitating a Surrender group once a week throughout the course
– At least one “live” meeting via lifestream in the middle of the course,
– Written mandatory sharing at the end of the course which will be used as an anonymous description on Surrender to Love in the forthcoming book “Surrender – the Pathway to Love” (One to a few pages describing ones experiences with Surrender to Love)
– Lifetime access to course material

– Opportunity for optional individual sessions (not included in the course)
– In addition to the course itself there will be and end of the course retreat “Surrender to Love” May 9-13 2016 (price not included in course fee). See here for more details


In Surrendering to Love, two key components are merged and blended together. The concept of Surrender is a relinquishing of the personal will, and with that, relinquishing wanting to control something. In other words, it is a posture of going with the flow or with the unfoldment of creation.

The Pathway of Love invites us to experience every moment of existence in a state of Love. How one experiences ones world or “Reality” has infinite different ways. One of them is to experience it as Love. In this experiencing a moment and reality as Love the moment itself becomes something to be loved and also triggering the feeling of Love within. At a certain stage a light begins to radiate from all objects and this light has a quality of Infinite Love. Each moment and each person at any time can be experienced from this state of Consciousness of Love.

When Surrendering to Love we are absorbing and melting into Infinite Love. The people, places activities – simply every single moment no matter how it may unfold is the invitation to dissolve into this Love in every moment. The objects, people or activities become with that eventually less important as what they are, because they are all the same representation of Love.

Surrendering to Love means to Surrender to Infinite Love, to be absorbed into that Love and dissolve into that Love. This Infinite illumined Love is what one surrenders to and experiences no matter what may happen in ones life. Whether one is sitting in formal meditation and surrendering to this Love within or whether one surrenders to the exact same One Love radiating from everything in every moment.

The spiritual practice then is to hold the intention to experience and intuit the Infinite Love in this very moment. In all objects, in all people, in all activities of the moment, one begins more and more to experience Love everywhere. However Surrendering to Love goes an important step further as it also includes an absorbing into that Love in each moment. Through continuous absorption into Infinite Love the remaining sense of self dissolves more and more until only this Infinite Love exists.

In this state of nondual Love, where the whole world is an emanation of One Love with no inherent or other separate self, all is a radiance of Infinite Love and ones body and mind simply perfecting this radiance of Love towards the world.

from Surrender – the Pathway of Love

A sample lesson from the Course:

Surrender to Love – Mysticism

In this meditation the meditation object is infinite Love itself. Devoid of any form, shape, concepts, thoughts, emotions etc. Most typically is this infinite Love experienced as an inner Light that is without beginning or end and the only thing that exists. This illumination or infinite Love is the focus that is one-pointedness focused on. The Surrender to Love is an complete absorption into that Love. Nothing not even a sense of self remains. Whether this infinite Love is experienced as an inner light or not does not matter so much as the sustained and continuous intention to Surrender to infinite Love throughout the meditation.

Once focus and intention throughout the day is to focus away from the world as well of its manifestations and focus on the illumined state of consciousness that is only Infinite Love with no concepts, no words, not thoughts not even a sense of I.
The sense of Presence and Awareness can either be focused in the world or withdrawn from it and drawn inward to the Infinite Love itself.
The contemplation practice is very much the same then the meditation practice simply applied throughout the day.

If necessary let go or Surrender anything that may prevent this steady focus on the Infinite Love within. In these moments you may utilize the “Surrender to Love in the world practice” or the “Surrenering the obstacles to Love practice” or simply prayer (invoking the Lord to help you Surrendering to Love) but the main practice remains throughout the day on Surrendering or being completely absorbed into this contentless Infinite Love within.
The intention is on being completely surrendered or absorbed into Infinite Love. The focus or attention is on the state of infinite Love / illumination itself.

Review & Reflection
Todays main question is on those incidences when the focus and awareness has shifted from illumination, rapture, loving-bliss within to the world. Invoke the Lord to have revealed the moments of this day that are important to notice for you, write them down and invoke the Lord once more to have revealed to you the underlying factors of these moments. Then pray to have these factors be melted away by the Lord of Love itself.