Moving Into Unconditional Love Online Course Introduction Session

Posted on July 18, 2014


This introduction is a full 7 day transformational program to start off a new life dominated by the field of unconditional Love.

This introduction includes:

-Introduction of what  “Moving Into Unconditional Love Intensive 1” contains and feels like.

-1 Parama Bodytalk treatment presented in a guided meditation in order to facilitate a deeper change to occur.

The treatment contains the following topics:

-Forming a field of attitude and behavior to connect to the greatest teachers of love as well as to open up and connect to their teachings about love.

-Transforming perception into experiencing the lovability and divinity of all things on a deeper level.

-Releasing emotions that cloud our five senses to experience unconditional love.

-Dissolving the sense of intolerance against others or any aspect of ourselves.

-Disconnecting environmental factors that support the idea that we cannot see the lovability of everything.

-Utilizing the archetypal pattern of loving eyes – the perception that responds to all suffering, negativity and non-integrity with love.

-Moving into a devotional life while letting go of intellectualization.

This introduction session is also included in the  moving into unconditional love intensive 1.


Unconditional love is a love that is not based on any triggers from the outside world. It does not need anything, it just is. In this introduction, we will be exploring what unconditional love is and what steps can be taken to experience the field of consciousness of unconditional love.

This introduction also includes a general treatment that can be used in order to work closer to the experience of unconditional love.



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