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This is a 2 month (9 week) healing intensive including a guided meditation, 8 Parama Bodytalk sessions, daily homework, readings and group support.

This course includes the following topics:

  • Exploring the heart chakra and all different aspects and facets of Love
  • Expanding the different types of Love
  • Learning to surrender to Love
  • Becoming the expression of infinite unconditional Love and all the qualities of this field of consciousness
  • Forgetting and letting go of the past especially those things  that held us back of being the Field of absolute pure unconditional love
  • Letting go and clearing resentments
  • Letting go of judgment
  • Moving from egoic love to selfless love

After purchasing this course you receive lifetime access to this course as well as to the forum and any future updates. Many participants do the course several times. We will always notify you when it is starting up again in case you want to go through it again with a group rather than on your own (an option which is always available).

See a detailed description of the course below under “Course Description”.

Payment Plan through Paypal “bill me later” available (simply click on “bill me later” on the Paypal page after checkout).


Unconditional Love is the greatest healer. To develop the quality of unconditional Love is to activate healing and long term health.

This unconditional Love is a Love that is not based on any triggers from the outside world. It does not need anything, it just is. It is an expression that comes from within as an inner radiance of Love.

In this course we will be exploring what unconditional Love is and move into the dominance of the field of unconditional Love.

In the beginning of the intensive we will be exploring the different manifestations of Love as well as our own belief systems on what Love is, while letting go of ideas and concepts around “what is Love”. With that we will then be able to expand the experience of these different types of Love in our lives.

Throughout the program we also emphasize the devotional qualities that allow us to surrender to the quality of Love. A love that is so overwhelmingly complete that it only requires our surrendering to it. As Dr. David R. Hawkins said “You know you are home when you could melt in to it (the love) and die this moment because you feel so complete”

We will also explore qualities that are associated with the field of Love and learn to integrate them into our beingness. Field theory states that the more one develops qualities that are resonating with a certain field we will be more and more connected or entrained to this field. The qualities we are developing include compassion, forgiveness, nonjudgment, and selfless Love.

Within the program we will be also addressing some classical approaches to move more into unconditional Love which is letting go of the past, resentments and judgment.

Throughout time we might have looked for Love in different places, people or things. While these are many expressions of the one Love, in this course we will be learning that the quality of Love is within and always accessible especially when we are intending to radiate it to the world and others.

This intensive is intended to increase the experience of Lovingness in your life in a dramatic way and remove many of the conditions to experiencing and radiating Love.

If you would like to receive a first taste before committing to such a transformational program try out our introduction into Unconditional Love guided meditation and treatment.


This treatment intensive includes:

A guided meditation on opening to unconditional Love

8 Parama Bodytalk group sessions

Daily practices to deepen and integrate the material

Readings, videos and audios

Group support (group intention/forum)

Forum access to share and receive help

Individual email support during the program from our practitioners.

This course includes the following topics:

  • Exploring the heart chakra and all different aspects and facets of Love
  • Expanding the different types of Love
  • Learning to surrender to Love
  • Becoming the expression of infinite unconditional Love and all the qualities of this field of consciousness
  • Forgetting and letting go of the past especially those things who held us back of being the field of absolute pure unconditional Love
  • Letting go and clearing resentments
  • Letting go of judgment
  • Moving from egoic love to selfless love

About group treatments:

The group treatments are different from individualized treatments in many ways. While the power from individualized treatment comes from addressing the critical and unique aspects a person needs in order to shift, group sessions rely more on the continuous commitment of the individual as well as group intention.

The group treatments have proven to have great effect because while treatment is always unique to a client, many aspects are simply the same in the human condition. This means that general links or shifts are applicable to anybody and hence transform the individual as much as individual sessions would. In some cases, however, an individual treatment is advisable or even necessary to address the unique factors outside the general scope of group treatments.

Hence it is recommended that after having gone through a intensive program such as this it is advisable to check in and see if there are some individualized aspects remaining that need to be addressed by an individual treatment. You simply can do so by booking an appointment with us and letting the practitioner know to focus on the topic of the intensive program (or any aspect of it that you felt needed further individual support).

If you have questions about group long distance treatments please read our article here or email us with your questions. We will be posting them in our FAQ area so everyone can benefit.

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  • Jenine Gobbi - 4 years ago

    The “Moving into Unconditional Love Intensive” was an amazing, transformative experience! It is remarkable how effectively blocks can be cleared through group BodyTalk sessions such as these. Every week of the course brought up new insights as beliefs that had been held for many years (lifetimes even) arose to be cleared. Even though Jakob was doing the treatments on the whole group (there were probably 7 or 8 of us), oftentimes, it felt like the session was directed towards me.

    One of the things that is particularly powerful about this treatment intensive is the group intention. As we were “tapping out” a particular set of links I could really feel the energy field of the entire group. Also, during the week when we were asked to hold a particular shift in mind (like recalling that “the source of happiness is within” throughout the day), I could feel the reminder coming from the intention of the group. I also found the sharing on the forum to be helpful, and by the end of the treatment intensive felt very close to the others who were with me on this healing journey.

    I would definitely recommend this treatment intensive to anyone. It felt like a big commitment to do the treatments morning and night along with the other readings and contemplations, but by the end of the course I didn’t want it to end! This course opened my heart — I experience it very differently now, and it helped me to experience all activities in my life as radiating from the field of lovingness. Thank you Jakob, for this wonderful opportunity to move into unconditional love!

  • Jordan Keenan - 4 years ago

    The product was genius, combining advanced
    Levels of Body talk with progressive lessons,
    Meditations and excersises to finess a general
    Shift in attitudes that will if maintained lead
    to Unconditional Love.
    As the title suggests the course is very
    Intense. It brought about many
    Positive changes in my life in a short
    Time. With the changes there is now enough
    Love and capacity through surrender to face
    deeper Karma than I have thus far.
    Thank you Jakob for working hard to produce
    This program. And thanks to all of the participants
    For your prayers, encouragement and strengthening
    The field of this intensive.


  • Chris O'Hare

    Chris O'Hare - 4 years ago

    If you have the great good fortune to have been led here to read this review, I wholeheartedly urge you to just go for it NOW! At the very least, order and practice the Introduction Session. Don’t even think about it anymore. The experience is really beyond any words. Suffice it to say that the description of this Healing Intensive above IS what occurs within. Of course, you must do what is asked of you.
    This course is one of the most intense (it’s called an Intensive for a reason), inner life changing experiences I have ever been through. I am so very grateful that I let go of my financial fear and my concern about it taking up too much of my time. The reason? Because I am now a new person, a person I am thankful for; more peaceful, patient, kind, forgiving, compassionate and unconditionally loving than I was 2 months before I started this course. My inner, lasting, daily subjective experience confirms this to be true.
    It’s the beginning of a more conscious, continuous journey of Letting Go. It has profoundly changed my daily practice, no, my very Being. These inner changes would most likely have occurred eventually, however, I am convinced that the profound changes within would have taken many, many Years or even Lifetimes.
    In short, I LOVE this Course and I Love You 🙂
    Much Love and Many Blessings on your Journey.

  • ChrisB

    ChrisB - 3 years ago

    Thank You Jakob! Love your course… it has been indescribable and so I won’t do it the injustice of attempting a description. 😀 😛
    …Reading Reviews is really only delaying the inevitable anyway 😉

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