“Priority Based remedies recognizes the unique nature of each individual. A customized remedy goes a long way to help maximize benefits and insure the remedy is targeting the area of the body, the associated meridian and indeed the very cells for which it is intended.”

Janet Galipo
Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Advanced CBP

Priority based Medicine comes from the place of humility that acknowledges what the body needs instead of what the practitioner thinks.

In the same way priority based remedies are supplements to facilitate the health and healing process in this completely individualized and integrated way.

After a Consciousness based Healthcare session we find out as part of the homework of the patient if there are any supplements that would be significantly supporting the overall health & healing process and then recommend them to the patient.

In the Health and Healing Clinic we have now also partnered with Standard Process to provide our clients priority based remedies through their product line. We hope to add other herbs (e.g. Ayurvedic herbs) sometime in the future as well.

These supplements are available for both local and long distance clients through the clinic.

In addition to that we are offering also support sessions for ongoing clients if any supplements need to be adjusted till the next visit.

If you would like to know more about Standard Process Products click on the image below to be directed to the Standard Process Website:

Every division of medicine is bolstered by a set of principles based upon theoretical ideas and practical experience in dealing with patients. One of these principles in orthomolecular medicine is individuality: the fact that every person is unique and has different nutrient requirements and responds differently to treatment.
Abram Hoffer