Principles of Health and Healing Applied by Jenine Gobbi

Posted on September 13, 2015

What is Healing?

“In healing, we are looking for wholeness – seeing the perfection that always exists, but may be hidden from view”

When a client comes to see us at the clinic, we are looking for wholeness – seeing the perfection that always exists, but may be hidden from view. This may feel far from how you are experiencing yourself at the time, but is central to our work of healing through Love.

So, if we are seeing the perfection – of your full situation and even more so, of you – then how are we thinking of this word “healing?” What are we referring to and what is really happening?

What is Healing?

Healing is a change from within.  It begins with a change in consciousness when the decision is made that “I’ve had enough of this . . . it is time to do something . . . I can’t take this anymore”.  It begins when one is ready to move forward in a new way.  It begins with a surrendering of whatever has been holding one back from making a change for the better. All healing begins with a surrendering: surrendering being too busy to take the time to heal, surrendering trying to heal without help, surrendering living life in a less than inspired way.  Surrender to the truth of what you are.

The dictionary includes a number of definitions of healing:

  1. to restore to health
  2. to make sound or whole
  3. to restore to original purity or integrity


1. To Restore to Health

When we speak of “health”, it is often the physical body that is being referenced.  Many clients seek our assistance at the Health and Healing Clinic initially because of physical difficulties: illness, pain, or an injury.  Within Consciousness-based healthcare, BodyTalk can be very effective at assisting the body with healing on the physical level, but we aren’t focusing our attention solely on the physical. Rather, the practitioner recognizes that all physical illness is a manifestation of what is being held in mind, often in the subconscious.

A couple of years ago a growth started on my inner ankle. What began as an irritation quickly turned into a rapidly-growing lump. My doctor referred me to a surgeon to have a biopsy taken. The day of my appointment with the surgeon I also had a BodyTalk appointment that had been scheduled months earlier.  In the BodyTalk session it became clear that the growth was the result of years of not moving forward with my life’s purpose. The practitioner described it as “being held in a leg-hold trap”.  A life shift was important, and so my ankle had responded to this situation with an actual growth to draw my attention to the issue!  In the session, we cleared up the blocks to moving forward.  The growth on my ankle ceased growing. The physical body is simply reflecting what is going on in consciousness!

2. To Make Sound or Whole

All illnesses are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Addressing all these levels simultaneously and viewing them all with equal importance is what brings about the highest levels of healing.

When a client comes to see me, or any other practitioner, at the Health and Healing Clinic, our interest is in facilitating a healing on all levels – restoring wholeness – but even more so recognizing wholeness. Wholeness or perfection is always present so when an imbalance occurs in one area (our emotional state, for example) another area will compensate (sometimes resulting in what are called “symptoms”). Through consciousness-based healthcare, balance can be restored and the entire system can move to a new level of wellbeing.

The highest levels of healing require not only addressing the physical, mental, and spiritual levels, but also addressing the entire environment of the person. Issues may reside in a client’s work situation, relationship, and family situation for example. For healing to occur, changes are needed in those areas as well. One’s environment is a response to what is going on within. As one shifts one’s own self and response to the environment, the environment itself begins to shift.

In situations where it is feasible, we also treat others in the environment directly to assist the healing. When I see a child, for example, I often treat the parents as well. Sometimes it can be helpful to treat the partner of a client, if they are open to this.

Even if this type of direct treatment directed towards one’s environment is not possible, consciousness-based healthcare can shift one’s environment – because the environment is a response to what is going on within. I recall one situation where it arose to treat a client’s husband as an environmental factor that was affecting the client. Our view then isn’t that the husband needs to change, but more that something needs to shift in the client so that the client is no longer being affected by the husband in a certain way – the client’s perception has to change.  After this BodyTalk session, the couple’s relationship began to improve and there was an opening for the client to be more fully living out her own purpose.

3. To Restore to Original Purity or Integrity

At one level, we are all perfect. In our day-to-day existence, most of us don’t experience ourselves that way. We don’t act in a way that feels perfect, have perfect health, or have perfect relationships with ourselves or others.

Why is that? I think of it like an onion – there are many layers to peel back to get to the center. Each layer is a belief system, a habit, an emotional event that we are still carrying in our brain or fascia that gets triggered by certain things in our environment. These build up over time and start to develop even before we are born!

Each of these layers is like a veil that covers up the truth of our existence, covers up who we really are. BodyTalk and other consciousness-based modalities are effective at peeling back these layers.  With BodyTalk in particular we are always treating whatever is the highest priority to be addressed at a certain time. There is recognition that there is a certain order in which things are best addressed. Sometimes it is an acute situation that needs to resolve for the client to be ready to embark on deeper work; more often it arises to work on a root issue that is affecting many areas and which has been going on for the client for a long time. Sometimes a whole section of the onion can be removed at once, sometimes just the outer layer – but it isn’t possible to just decide that a single layer inside needs removing and remove it from the onion. It just can’t be done.

Some people may resonate with the concept of a light bulb that has been covered in many layers of paint. Each layer of paint that is scraped off reveals a little more of the light that was always there, but just couldn’t be seen. The layers of old paint aren’t the light bulb . . . the layers of paint didn’t even put out the light . . . the light inside was not affected by the paint . . . all that happened was that the radiance of the bulb was dimmed to those who saw it.  Its purpose as a light bulb was obscured.

When a client comes to the Health and Healing Clinic, we see that inner radiance of love, that perfection.  And when a client contacts us, it is because it is time for another layer of paint to come off so that more light and love can shine through.  Let your light shine and your purpose be revealed!

By Jenine Gobbi