What is PaRama BodyTalk?

PaRama BodyTalk is the advanced version of the popular BodyTalk System that is being utilized by thousands of practitioners throughout the world. The beginning and advanced modules of BodyTalk give practitioners a comprehensive system of health care that covers a large portion of general health care and wellbeing maintenance.

PaRama BodyTalk incorporates state of the art energy medicine utilizing the principles of quantum mechanics, mathematics, lateral logic, and philosophy to take the next step in expanding that scope of practice

What does it address?

The more advanced formulas of PaRama BodyTalk are tailor-made for each client for their particular needs. This will include many serious illnesses; stubborn chronic illnesses; complex emotional issues; severe allergies and food intolerances; etc. The system also works in specialty areas such as sports medicine andrehabilitation, and can be used to maximize performance in every area of human endeavor.

PaRama BodyTalk is also commonly utilized to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth.;

How does Parama BodyTalk differ from BodyTalk?

Most times in a BodyTalk treatment a session is given during the appointment and then the body responds to that treatment, often over the next 24 hours. In PaRama BodyTalk, most sessions are formulated at the time of the appointment and then set to run at different times of the day or night, usually for several days. Many illnesses are stubborn to address because of the habit patterns of the body and the complexity of what needs to be done. Setting up a formula that repeats itself constantly pushes the body into rapid change. In a way it is like taking medication several times a day for several days. These formulas are run by the most sophisticated computer in the brain – the prefrontal cortex. The average person has an overworked brain because of all the stresses of illness, work, the environment, etc. Hence, the main formula is usually run at night while the client is asleep and resting. This is when the brain’s maximum computing power is available.

What kinds of formulas is the brain running?

Science has now shown that the whole body is permeated by connective tissue that has continuous connections to every single part of the body. Furthermore, the connective tissue contains specialized neuropeptides which act as storage centers and also function as an advanced communication system that runs parallel to the nervous system. This system is called the “continuum” and is a major factor in the restoration and maintenance of health and functioning of the body. The continuum acts like a large, continuous liquid crystal and allows the passage of information throughout the body at subatomic speeds. It accounts for many of the functions that the slower nervous system could not do. PaRama BodyTalk uses formulas which specifically work with this rapid communication network.

Is PaRama BodyTalk safe with other therapies?

It is very safe and the formulas can be tailored to complement and maximize the results of other therapies. For example, there are specific formulas that will help the recovery from surgery or the side effects of chemotherapy. However, other therapies, if stressful (such as chemotherapy) can reduce the effectiveness of the BodyTalk formula. Therefore, make sure you tell your PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner about any other therapies or major events in your life.


Is there anything special I should know or do?

Yes, you need to know that these sessions are powerful and ongoing.

a. They use up quite a lot of the processing power of your brain to bring about life changing improvements. You may feel tired and this is why we prefer to havethem run while you are asleep when possible.

b. Sometimes, for the first few nights, you may wake up when the program starts to run because your conscious mind will wonder what is going on. Just be aware of what is happening and go back to sleep.

c. During the days or weeks while the formulas are running, bear in mind that your body is healing at a very deep level. Try to nurture it and reduce you activities if they tire you.

d. Be aware that if a Dynamic Interactive Formula kicks in during the day, you could feel a bit light headed or disoriented. This is not dangerous, but try to slow down your activities for the 10 to 30 minutes it may run so that you maximize the results.

e. Be aware that if a major stressful event happens in your life during this time, the body may shut down the programs. In this case your PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner will need to reactivate or modify them at your next appointment.

f. As your health improves, the formulas will need to be stopped, modified, or changed. Regular appointments with your PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner will ensure that everything goes well.

Treating John Veltheim with Parama Bodytalk

“You have a good feel. I think you got a good understanding. You’d be someone i comfortably refer to, lets put it that way. And you can quote me on that”
John Veltheim




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