Most of our work at the Health & Healing Clinic  is done through long distance sessions as we see clients around the world.  Our clients’ transformation is testifies to the effectiveness of long distance treatments.  They are as effective as in person sessions and the experience of the client is very similar to that of an in person session.

 The basic principles of healing are applicable for long distance as for in person healing sessions. Important in long distance sessions and regular sessions is the understanding that the practitioner does not heal anybody or do “distance healing” but instead only brings awareness and Love towards the underlying issues, which facilitates the shift to occur on its own. Brenda Miller states that: “Quantum physics describes this phenomenon as a non-local quantum hologram, which means that information via the mind/body can be accessed by connected parties without the parties being in the presence of each other. (taken from Bodytalk Distance Healing).  See also our article Consciousness based Healthcare.

Hence the misunderstanding that distance healing may not be as effective is based on the premise of personal doership as well as experiencing form as a local phenomena. There is only one Source for all manifestation. This Source is not only omnipotent but as well omniscient. By taking the idea of personal doership out of the equation, healing happens effortlessly through awareness and Love.

Summary of “How it works”

Muscle testing (kinesiology) allows us to find out the exact nature of what is going on with each client.
By merely observing the true factors that are going on they start to change (for more see also the of the Heisenberg Principle as this is one application of that principle). The sessions are further empowered by being centered in unconditional lovingness and prayer for the client.

“There is a field of infinite potentialities. It’s sometimes referred to or called as the Unmanifest. With kinesiology we are looking for a favorable potential that also has the likelihood to manifest. The mind is a receiving station much like a radio and hence the prayer, intention or tapping are simply facilitating the adjustment of the body and mind to tune into a different potential for one’s life. So after a BodyTalk session, one’s life begins to shift effortless into the direction of the the new potential. So this work is different than most healing approaches in that the unfolding of life itself is affected.”