Healing through the group – The power of the group

Posted on September 13, 2015


Since ancient times rituals and group gatherings have facilitated deep transformational change and healing in all cultures and all times.

In group healing it is that the collective group empowers the inner process of the individual exponentially. When it is said that a person cannot do something alone it is most often effortless and much easier to accomplish with the collective mind, strength and intention of the group

This first article is designed to give an overview of group work, its principles and its applications at the Health and Healing Clinic drawing from examples of the 12 step groups, attitudinal healing groups and our very own healing intensives as well as traditional group therapy.

What is a group – the morphic field that weaves everything together

“The nature of fields are that they share information and through resonance dominate everyone subjected to a certain field.  Hence, Social fields coordinate the behavior of individuals within social groups, for example, the behavior of fish in schools or birds in flocks.“

According to Harvard Professor and researcher Nicholas Christakis groups or social networks are comparable to “living entities” similarly to the cells in a human body. All of them are functioning in harmony with each other, influencing each others beahviors and experience of reality.
“Hence when one joins a group of any kind the principles, ideas and beliefs of a group will start more and more dominating ones own life through a process called entrainment. Dr. David R. Hawkins states: “the attractor fields of consciousness levels act as though they have a magnetic attractor or repellent effect on other energies, almost as though they were charged or polarized. “ (Hawkins). With this it becomes critically important what kind of groups, one joins and subjects oneself to.

Social Fields can be used for Healing and transformation simply by connecting to fields that are innate Healing and supporting of Health, Love and Peace. One subjects oneself to a field by intention and exposure. To simply become a member of a group is connecting to that field. The more than one aligns and practices the principles of this group the more the field effect takes place and will start dominating that person more and more. In this process intention or willingness is a very critical element.  Dr Hawkins states: A persistent willingness is the trigger that activates a new attractor field and allows one to begin to leave the old. We may visualize a lesser attractor field approaching a greater one, at which point the introduction of a third element (free will, the decisive consequence of choice and evolution) suddenly creates a crossover (a “saddle-pattern”), and change takes place. (Hawkins). The more one values or respects a certain group the more one will be allowing this particular field to dominate. Further, ones involvement in a particular group is also correlating with the Field effect. Dr. Veltheim states: “This is true for any matrix: The more you respect it, the more you serve it, the more energy you put into it, the more it feeds you. The degree to which it feeds you and support you will be the degree to which you put in.” (Veltheim). Hence the dictum: Think not what a matrix can do for you, but what you can do for a matrix (adapted from John F. Kennedy).

However Field influence also happens despite a person’s resistance even though it may be a much slower process. This is the benefit of going to a recovery group and eventually “getting it by osmosis” (Field effect). The Health and Healing Clinic utilizes this principle by offering several Groups that support Health, Healing and personal transformation.  Matrix dynamics work from the Bodytalk System also allows to connect an individual as necessary to supporting groups as well as resolving issues that my block the positive influence of a particular group on the individual. If necessary an individual can also be disconnected from a group influence that has become detrimental to the person.” (From The Field and Health and Healing)

In Summary “Don’t think what the group can do for you but think of what you can do for the group” (adapted after John F. Kennedy), as well as “Service keeps you sober” (12 step saying summarize in essence one of the most important energetic principles of group healing. Energetically and karmically what we give into the group is what the group will return to us.

This why the people who are most contributing to a group tend to “become the group” more readily, easily and faster. This can be seen in 12 step groups where the members who have the highest levels of sobriety are also those who have focused mostly on their contribution towards the group. In groups this can go from the smallest things like setting up for a meeting, to cleaning up aftertwards; it most often includes some sort of time commitments and selfless service.

Social Networks – You become the average of the three people you hang out the most

In the book connected Harvard Professor Nicholas Christakis shows the deep interrelatedness of everyone we are even loosely connected with and their impact on our lives.  Scientific research states that we become the average of the 3 to 5 people we spend the most time with or are connected with the most (Connected). According to this research this includes behaviors, attitudes, ways of experiencing reality and even as specific things as ones weight, fitness level, income etc. For this reasons various spiritual traditions recommend to “keep Holy company”. It is also for this reason that in addiction treatment it is critical to replace ones whole circle of friends and at times even family with new sober ones. Our healing intensives specifically focus on utilizing this principle by forming a new community that is focused and aligned with a common intention, like our Unconditional Love intensive or our Surrender intensive. In other words the Health and Healing Clinic utilizes the principle of “Healing through Community”

Healing through Community as a way of Healing through Love

“Group psychotherapy is as effective as individual therapy in treating a range of psychological problems” (Corey) and “Given that group therapy is as efficacious
as individual therapy and requires less therapist time, it appears to be the more cost-effective treatment”  (Piper and Ogrodniczuk).

A community provides sources of emotional, verbal as well as cognitive support while undergoing any form of change and transformation. Unconditional love is furthermore utilized through various members that one is in contact with. All of these factors are supplied by the Health and Healing’s Clinic group work.

Groups are a fertile grounds to practice the principles of Health and Healing not only because of the support and love of the group itself but also because group work often involves applying the principles that one is focusing on in a safe environment. Because “, most people have some history of having been psychologically wounded in relationships, groups provide the ideal atmosphere for healing.” (Corey).

These approaches are already utilized in the Health and Healing Clinic through the forum as well as encouragement for each participant in the healing intensive to stay in constant contact with all members in order to reinforce the “entrainment effect” (effect of become more deeper integrated with the groups energy field and principles).

In the future the Clinic will also utilize live streaming as well as other live communication systems to further enhance the connections within our courses.

Allowing change through helping hands

Often behaviora, emotional or attitudinal change as well as change in belief systems is hindred by the habit patterns within old long term relationships. Within a group context people can practice and role model certain behaviors, attidues and so on. This practice in a safe and supporting environment will then allow participants to apply these changes more easier into their daily life.

Some key aspects are the learning through role models within the group but also the ability to practice with other members in a save and unconditionally loving environment. This change is further facilitated if mentors and accountability partners are assigned throughout the therapy process. This will allow to client to life up to their highest potential and receive the support especially at times when it is the hardest to follow through with ones intentions.

In most of the group work of the Health and Healing Clinic we recommend that each person has an accountability and support partner. Someone they keep in touch on a regular basis, share their inner life, struggles and work with. This same person is designed to keep the person “on track” on the  practices, homework and inner change that they have set out to do. Sometimes this individual feedback of the accountability person can be more transformational than anything else.

Another support is a role model or mentor the client can model after their new life, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and experience of reality.


Throughout history the people we have been associated or connected with have had a tremendous impact on every aspect of our lives. Whether friends, family or specific groups focused on very specific goals and intentions have an unseen and incredible strong impact on us.  Specializd groups focusing on specific intentions or topics not only share information and unseen inspiration with every member effortlessly and automatically, they also provide further support and energy that allow change and transformation that transcends the individual efforts. The “Super Mind” of the group expressed as its Morphic Field becomes the guiding principle and pattern of unfoldment in peoples lives. For this reason it is of critical importance to choose very wisely people one is connected with.