Healing through Love™

Posted on September 13, 2015

“When you have understood the world completely you know its perfection. When you have understood yourself completely you know your perfection.”
Rev. Jakob Merchant

Introduction: Love Leads to Perfection
Healing through Love does not seek to change or improve your life situation, physical, mental or emotional problems even though these often heal spontaneously as a side effect. Instead Healing through Love seeks a transformation within where the lovability and perfection of whatever it is can be experienced.
Continuous Love ultimately leads to the experience of perfection, hence Healing through Love facilitates a transformation  within that allows one to love and appreciate every single aspect of oneself and one’s life. One simply is in love with oneself, the world and every aspect of life without exception.

In this space everything is healed because nothing needs healing. In this context the illness, the cancer, the psychological or marriage problems are perceptional problems only. These problems do not exist as problems in reality. In reality only their lovability and perfection exists.

Healing through Love facilitates this shift in perception. While it often may also result in changes like the disappearance of the illness this is seen as secondary as the deeper healing has already occurred.

Love itself has the power to heal and when a person is loved by the therapist but even more so by oneself, healing starts to occur spontaneously and automatically. Love in itself is therefore a form of therapy, and Healing through Love is the essence of all our approaches and work at the Clinic.

Everything can be healed in this very instant because this requires only a shift in perception. A shift from looking at the world, an illness or an aspect of oneself or life as a problem to experiencing its lovability and perfection on a very deep level.

Healing through Love is applied at the Health and Healing Clinic in three major ways:

  1. It is the context through which the Health and Healing Clinic operates
  2. Through Healing through Love™  as an individual therapy offered by the Clinic
  3. Through Healing through Love™  utilitizing group work for healing (this will be covered more in a following newsletter).

Part 1 – Healing through Love as the context for the Clinic’s work

Every aspect of the Health and Healing Clinic is intentionally designed to be Healing through Love – whether it is the picture you may see on the wall or the music that may play in the background. Everything is intentionally chosen to have the effect of bringing  love to our clients. Every single piece of equipment has been infused with this intention to radiate Love and contribute to the ever deeper experience of Love for everyone that comes in contact with it down to the pencil a person is using.

This form of creating an environment that contributes towards Health and Healing is also exemplified in the smallest interactions with the client. The Clinic follows the premise that each act is equally important in bringing love. In pouring a cup of tea or returning a call, if we do this out of deep Love and caringness, we will tranform ourselves and others more than any therapy can do.

“Do small things with great Love”
Mother Teresa

In essence, Healing through Love seeks that every single aspect of our work – from first contact to visiting the website to the appointment itself  – is facilitating the experience of being loved, healed and uplifted.

The Clinic also helps its clients attain deeper forms of unconditional lovingness for self and others either through Healing through Love therapy, Consciousness based Healthcare or other group activities.

Part 2 – Healing through Love therapy

Healing through Love is a psychotherapy form that facilitates healing by bringing the quality of Love to any ailment, problem or challenging life situation. Its essential premise is that Love tends to melt away any of these things but even more so, Love will allow one to eventually transcend them. Through Love one loves every aspect of oneself (including the ailments and challenging life situations) and every aspect of the world.

Healing through Love at first focuses on helping a client to be capable and stable enough to experience every aspect of life and oneself and others through Love. This often means that a first step is working on the container that holds one’s life experiences, and on character development in general.

This initial phase often includes solution-oriented therapy. In order to undergo a permanent transformation that brings health and healing to every aspect of oneself, often some basic life problems and challenges need to be resolved first. In other cases these resolve on their own in the process of transformation.

Moving Beyond Judgment to Forgiveness“Inner peace can be reached only when we practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of the past, and is therefore the means for correcting our misperceptions.”
Gerald Jampolsky

Another step in Loving what is and every aspect of oneself and others is moving beyond judgment to forgiveness. When a therapist loves us despite what we are holding against ourselves, we are recieving a “first glimpse” of Love regardless of situation. In particular, we use various forgiveness practices to move to unconditional forgiveness. As a next step we introduce the idea that our own judgment has created the need for forgiveness. We then explore our own beliefs and positions we are holding in life and begin to let them go on ever deeper levels.

The health benefits of transcending judgment and applying forgiveness have been scientifically proven in numerous peer reviewed studies as well as through clinical experience.

Working with the Superego – from “good and bad” to lovable

The superego is a collection of belief systems that are telling us what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad and essentially how we “should” be behaving according to our own internalized judge. In this stage we are working on making the superego an unconditionally loving teacher instead of a righteous, punitive or angry attacker of our self. In this way we are replacing good/bad with lovable.

Unconditional Self-forgiveness

At this stage we are ready to look at every aspect of our life and personality and move into a state of loving it. Forgiveness is the tool used to relinquish the exceptions to self-love. Eventually we are seeking a state where forgiveness is automatic and without exception – a state of unconditional forgiveness.

Unconditional Lovingness toward all Aspects of Self

After having trained our muscles of Lovingness, Forgiveness and Compassion we are now in a place to allow an exploration of our deepest struggles, psychological aspects and traumas. We have come to a place where we can meet them with Lovingness. At the end of this stage we can love every part of ourselves no matter what may arise within.

Unconditional Lovingness Applied Continuously in Daily Life

At this stage we simply bring that same Loving embrace towards what happens in our daily life. When we continuously let go of any positionalities or judgments that may still arise we meet our experience of life with Love

“The Love that does not intend to change anything will change everything”
Part 3 – Healing through Love™ Group Work

Ongoing group meetings as well as the Clinic’s healing intensives allow a person to be loved by a wide variety of people that are participating in these intensives and meetings. The Unconditional Love intensive exemplifies much of the principles of group work applied at the clinic.


Healing through Love seeks first and foremost to lead a client into a state of absolute unconditional Love about everything, but especially all the problems and issues they came in with in the first place. Instead of resolving those issues Healing through Love™ seeks to love them as they are – and in reaching a state of complete love around something then peace about it ensues.

Because observation and deep Lovingness in and of themselves facilitate healing, as a side effect, often these problems, illnesses and so on drop away spontaneously on their own.

Healing through Love™ hence is partially solution oriented by applying Love towards the issues which tend to disappear in the process, in addition to offering a long term process of complete internal transformation.

Healing through Love is applied as a context and a way the clinic works with clients but also as a formal therapy form. It utilizes many techniques and principles from traditional counseling and psychotherapy which we will explore in the next article on Healing through Love™.