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It is commonly presumed that dreams are a way our subconscious can communicate with us. However, more than that they can be a way how the Self, God immanent communicates with us also. As with all Divine Guidance, one learns over time to read what the Divine message is. This article focuses on how to utilize dreams for one’s spiritual evolution.

“What can be understood by the mind is not a high state”
Sufi Saying

Dreams as spiritual practice

At the end of the day before you go to sleep prepare yourself for this by holding this very practice as a Divine sacred spiritual practice that you are performing solely for the Glory of the Lord of Love itself.

Next, hold the intention for this spiritual practice to support your spiritual evolution.

“I invoke Thee O Lord as well as Thy expression as the Master of Dreams and Thy expression as the Holy Spirit (Spirit of Love) to take over my dreams and the time of sleeping to deeply further my spiritual growth and enlightenment”.

If you are familiar with self-guided imagery you can also allow to form an image where you let Divinity expressed as the Master of dreams come to you and then take your hand to guide you into whatever to learn and grow spiritually that night.

Making the dream more conscious

Fist moment when one awakes one records the dream. This may be in writing, through an audio recording device or even focusing into the dream “re-experiencing” the dream on some more conscious level. self-guided imagery such as Mindscape can be used to explore the dream also. This time once connects to the dream in a more conscious state and may even receive some insights that never should be intellectualized or thought about, but instead deeply experienced and also embodied.


Embodying the dream

Instead of trying to reflect on the dream or its meaning one holds the prayer and intention to embody and “feel” the dream as what one is throughout the day. This intention and prayer is similar to contemplating any statement “spiritual lesson” or prayer. One holds it in mind and thereby receives an experience about it. This can be done with the general energy behind the dream as well as specific parts. Often specific energies or messages that the dream contains are metaphorically represented in the different people, objects or situations of the dream.