Consciousness Based Healthcare and Holistic Healing. A Love Centered Approach to Health and Healing

Posted on September 26, 2013

Consciousness Based Healthcare & Holistic Healing

When we talk about Holistic Healing we talk about addressing the whole being and not compartmentalized aspects of it. Till this day the Cartesian approach of handling parts instead of the whole system has brought relief of symptoms and also some Healing. However for Healing to be permanent and true Health to be present we need to expand our overall context of understanding on what the human is and how to relate to it. In Alternative Medicine cycles we often hear to treat the whole person, but what does this truly mean?

Often it is stated that it means to approach the being from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. However even then there might be the missing understanding that the whole being is more than its parts. Therefore an inclusive system that understands the nature, and principles of consciousness is needed in order to bring about the best results. In current times the utilization of kinesiology has provided a means of communication to “bridge the gap” and help with this all inclusive approach.

Consciousness based Healthcare and Kinesiology

Traditional Medicine (Allopathic as well as Alternative Medicine!) is based on the Premise that the Practioner is getting trained to find out what is wrong with a person and how to correct it. In this approach of no matter how well the practioner is trained he always relies on his limited knowledge and expertise. One might say that unless a practitioner is omniscient this approach is always fraudulent. In Consciousness Based Healthcare we are turning the tables and instead come from a place of radical humility. In Consciousness based Healthcare  deep training and knowledge that we have as practitioners is  never used to assume to know what is going on with the patient or how  best to treat it. We instead are using what is referred to the Innate Wisdom of the Body, the Knowledge of Consciousness itself to determine what to treat, how to treat and also in what order. The means of Communication used in this approach of Healing is referred to sometimes as Kinesiology, Muscle Biofeedback or Muscle Testing. The basic premise here is that Truth lies within consciousness and is accessible via Muscle Testing as a yes/not yes response. Consequently it is also often referred to as Consciousness research, and so the testing is used to determine all aspects of a Healing session, including determining what Qualities of Consciousness are of higher priority in each particular case.

Qualities of Consciousness

Consciousness Based Healthcare and Love

Another unique aspects of Consciousness based Healthcare is the application of qualities that are innate to Consciousness. The essence of Consciousness is Love itself. Disregarded by most of traditional and alternative medicine, Lovingness especially unconditional Lovingness has been found to be the most powerful and effective tool in Health& Healing. Love increases the endorphins, production of killer cells and strengthens overall one’s immune system. More than that Love teaches us that we are “OK” and accepts us the way we are. This leads to the paradox that the problems of the clients are melted away by Lovingness and Acceptance of what is. Love and Healing cannot be separated. In consciousness Based Healthcare Love is not only emphasized or talked about as important factor it is seen as the sole and most important aspect to Health, Healing and Happiness. Consciousness Based Healthcare is a Love centered approach.

Consciousness Based Healthcare and the mind/Belief systems

Another emphasis in Consciousness Based Healthcare is the understanding of the power of our own mind and belief systems. One  basic axiom of Consciousness based Healthcare is that there is a Top down process, that physical symptoms are a manifestation of what is held in mind and in a greater context within consciousness. By addressing it on the level of Consciousness it will change on the physical level. Therefore addressing Beliefs, concepts and positions one is holding about life is a very effective way to change one’s overall life even down to its physical form.

The power of the subconscious

Sometimes it is very difficult to address all belief systems that one is holding because most of them are held within the subconscious. Buried under conscious awareness those issues cannot be processed by the patient very easily. Utilizing the means and Principles of Consciousness based Healthcare we can access those beliefs, memories etc. fairly easily using Kinesiology.

Consciousness Based Healthcare and Emotions

Clinical Observation, especially the work of Dr. David R. Hawkins (e.g. “Healing and Recovery”) has shown that almost every ailment or illness has suppressed emotions, especially unconscious guilt, involved. In addressing the whole being there is consequently also a heavy emphasis on clearing out emotions that are no longer serving the whole being.

Consciousness Based Healthcare and Quantum Physics

Although much understanding in Consciousness Based Healthcare has derived from Clinical observation there is also some correlation with Science especially Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics. One of the most powerful findings of these areas in science is that observation changes outcomes (“Heisenberg Principle”. ) Further information’s on Quantum Physics and how it relates to Health and Healing can be found in the recommended reading section.

Consciousness Based Healthcare and Energy Medicine

Often Consciousness Based Healthcare and Energy Medicine are used synonymously. Significant differences however are the principles layed out in this article. In Consciousness Based Healthcare we are not directly “shifting energies”. We are not doing anything towards the patient so that he may change or “send energy” or “move some of their energy” or in fact “change anything”. We simply bring Awareness and Lovingness towards the factors needed for Healing and the people’s own consciousness is shifting appropriately (Application of the Heisenberg Principle).

Long Distance sessions:

Because in Consciousness Based Healthcare we are only Loving and observing the client as well as the true factors for Healing, long distance sessions can be as powerful and transformational as in person sessions. In this process consciousness research is used to establish what is going on with the patient and through Love, prayer and observation the client shifts. Important in Long distance sessions as well as regular sessions is the understanding that the practitioner indeed does not heal anybody or does “distance healing” but instead only brings awareness and Love towards the underlying issues, which facilitates the shift to occur on its own.


Summary on “How it works”

Muscle Testing (Kinesiology) allows us to find out the exact nature of what is going on with each client. By merely observing the true factors that are going on they will be changing (Application of the Heisenberg Principle). The sessions are further empowered by being centered in unconditional lovingness and prayer for the Client.