I got 3/3.

Posted on October 28, 2018

LOL!!!!Now by my count we have:Adelady – 6 (hope I didn’t jinx her by saying she’s a shoo-in)Meteorwayne, John Galt – 5Strange -4Paleoichneum, Speedfreek – 3Markus Hanke, Westwind, River_Rat – 1 Someone wanted some people dead but I don’t believe it was Manson. Only it turned out on appeal that he didn’t do it. Considering your posting style and content, and the value of your posts, as well as the patience you display (most of the time ), it seems unlikely you have much to worry about Enjoy!

Anyone ever hear about the Tex Watson murders?I find it very odd that the actual killer is practically ignored, being as he was the main perpetrator of those killings. Not joking and apparently neither were you.