The Field and Health and Healing

Posted on December 7, 2016

There is a field of infinite potentialities. It’s sometimes referred to or called the Unmanifest. With kinesiology we are looking for a favorable potential to manifest. The mind is a receiving station much like a radio and hence the prayer, intention or tapping are simply facilitating the adjustment of the body and mind to tune […]

Healing through Bodytalk

Posted on September 13, 2015

Introduction Since the beginning of mankind, healers strived to not only heal the body-mind complex but also understand and be guided by its inner wisdom. Often throughout history exceptional healers had the capacity to intuit and “know” what a body-mind needed at a given time. Because of its uniqueness and seeming randomness this has been […]

The Role of Surrender in Health and Healing

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Introduction This series explores how spiritual transformation facilitates and supports health and healing. Each article focuses on a specific spiritual quality and discusses how it relates to health and healing and how Consciousness based Healthcare supports this spiritual quality. What is Surrender? “Surrender is directly related to one’s personal will. In that sense it is the relinquishment of one’s own […]

Healing through Love™ in the Context of Traditional Therapy Forms

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“Healing is defined as being in a state of complete Love about something” Health and Dysfunction When one completely loves a certain aspect only then can one completely see and experience its perfection and have deep gratitude for it. This is “Loving what is” because one is able to love the symptom or illness they are experiencing. With this shift the […]

Healing through the group – The power of the group

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Introduction Since ancient times rituals and group gatherings have facilitated deep transformational change and healing in all cultures and all times. In group healing it is that the collective group empowers the inner process of the individual exponentially. When it is said that a person cannot do something alone it is most often effortless and […]

Principles of Health and Healing Applied by Jenine Gobbi

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What is Healing? “In healing, we are looking for wholeness – seeing the perfection that always exists, but may be hidden from view” When a client comes to see us at the clinic, we are looking for wholeness – seeing the perfection that always exists, but may be hidden from view. This may feel far […]