Psychotherapy is a modality that Daniel Harner PhD offers locally at the Health and Healing Clinic in Sedona. Most psychotherapy is remedial, for example, “tell me your problem and I’ll help you fix it”. At the Health and Healing clinic we offer much more than that. While we see clients with a wide range of challenges, our main focus is to make a deep impact, not a quick fix. Presenting issues are often an entry point–the more we pull on the thread, the deeper we go. No matter what the “problems” are,  they all lead us back to one question: Who are you, and who are you not? The amount of discomfort one feels is proportional to one’s entanglement with a false sense of self. The more false self-identification we carry the greater the amount of “un-lived life” within.
Unleashing this “un-lived life” in a a trusted and sacred space affords for problems to take on a different meaning. We relentlessly seek out and believe in the greatness of our clients.






“I have been a patient of Jakobs’ for years. Through his treatments I have healed areas in my life I did not know needed work. There were issues I had carried around with me through lifetimes. What a relief to be able to let go off all that baggage! Jakob is highly skilled in BodyTalk, and extremely accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. He has treated me with honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion every single time, and his intention has always been to help heal me. I always look forward to my sessions with Jakob.”
D.A. Charlotte, NC