Through mentoring Jenine helps individuals and business owners unfold who they really are so they bring their gifts to the world with ease and joy!

My focus is on empowering my clients to be all that they can be! My joy is to assist everyone I work with to deepen their relationships with themselves, their family, their colleagues and employees, and their spiritual path.

In mentoring I combine my skills from my business background in consulting, BodyTalk energy work, the scientifically-proven approaches of HeartMath and my meditation and spiritual training into a single customized program, typically either 3 or 6 months.  These custom programs empower clients to greater levels of success, ease and joy in their lives.

Jenine offers one-on-one programs as well as group programs for up to 10 people.

 “Success is the peace of mind that comes from fulfilling your own capabilities and being the best that you can be in every moment” (John Wooden)









“I have been a patient of Jakobs’ for years. Through his treatments I have healed areas in my life I did not know needed work. There were issues I had carried around with me through lifetimes. What a relief to be able to let go off all that baggage! Jakob is highly skilled in BodyTalk, and extremely accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. He has treated me with honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion every single time, and his intention has always been to help heal me. I always look forward to my sessions with Jakob.”
D.A. Charlotte, NC