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Welcome to the Health and Healing Clinic

Our mission is to transform people’s lives through the therapies we offer in order to permanently alter a person’s experience of life.

We care for you and believe in transforming your life, hence if at any time, you do not love working with us, we will give you 100% of your money back.  Join us by scheduling an appointment and see our store for online intensive course purchase options.

 We donate 10% of all profits to help provide treatments for those who could otherwise not afford it. In addition to that we match any direct donations from you. Inquire for scholarship options by contacting us. .




“Thank you very much for your Body Talk Session. After the session I could feel like a major change was made; It took a week and a few days to readjust the change to normal life. The change is still on going but I am feeling more comfortable with it now. Thank you so much for sharing your inner knowingness about relationships with me, through the session:)”

Jordan, Sandiego, CA

“I had the good fortune to experience a few Body Talk sessions with Rev. Jakob Merchant. I found them very nurturing and uplifting, just the perfect energy clearing for me at the time. I have highly recommended Jakob’s work to my retreat clients and will continue to do so.”

Johanna, Cornville, AZ

“I have seen Jakob for a few sessions on a variety of spiritual problems. The work was outstanding and profoundly influential on my path. He has a deep humility and respect for the process and approached everything with an open-mind. I felt and experienced results immediately in his office and for some time afterward. I would recommend him to anybody interested in Bodytalk specifically and looking for healing in general.”

Tony, Los Angeles, CA

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